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Borrowing Business Services

Ready for a bank willing to help build your business? In the area of commercial lending services, our strength is two-fold: our flexibility and experience in designing the right financing packages and our practice of developing solid banking relationships.

Commercial Real Estate
Secure commercial real estate financing for both owner-occupied (where business is headquartered) and investment properties (example: 5+ unit apartment buildings).

Speculative Construction
Builders can seek speculative construction financing for both acquisition and development.

Homeowners can seek construction/permanent financing for acquisition/development or renovations to their existing home.

Commercial Construction/Permanent
Business owners can seek commercial construction permanent financing for acquisition/development or renovations to their existing owner-occupied commercial building.

Business Village Reserve
Our Business Village Reserve protects you from the occasional commercial overdraft.

Lines of Credit
In addition to the BVR to cover the occasional overdraft, a company may also seek a Line of Credit for seasonal or other working capital needs.

Standby Letters of Credit
A business owner may need a standby letter of credit to pledge to a creditor or landlord.

Term Loans
A business owner may need a term loan when purchasing or refinancing equipment (ie. machinery, computers, phone systems, etc.).

Time Loans
Time loans are used for the same purpose as a term loan, but are written in short-term increments of 30, 60, or 90 days.

For more information contact The Village Loan Center at 617-964-0117.