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ATM & Debit Cards

Q. What should I do before I travel?
A. Please contact the Customer Care Center. Setting a travel notice before departure lets your bank or credit card company know you are in control of your cards avoiding possible interruption due to what would otherwise be mistaken for potential fraud. You may click here to see our Traveling FAQs.

Q. What if my card is lost, stolen or I notice unauthorized transactions?
A. Contact the Customer Care Center immediately. During non-business hours please call (800) 472-3272.

Q. How can I request a New or Replacement ATM or Debit card?
A. New and replacement Debit cards may be ordered in person at any branch or over the phone by calling the Customer Care Center. Debit cards typically are received in 5-7 business days. ATM cards may be issued at any of our offices during normal business hours.

Q. How do I activate my Debit card and set/change my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
A. There are three ways to activate your new debit card and set or change your PIN: 1) Call our Card Self Service at (800) 567-3451 from your primary phone number on file with us. 2) Contact the Customer Care Center or visit a branch. 3) If it is a replacement card, use your new card with your current PIN at an ATM. 

Q. What are my ATM/Debit card daily limits?
A. You are allowed $500.00 in cash withdrawals per cardholder, $1,500.00 for PIN-based debit card transactions per cardholder, and $3,000.00 for signature-based debit card transactions per account per 24 hour period. If your account has more than one person on it and there are more than one debit cards associated with the account, the $3,000.00 limit is shared among all cardholders.

Q. How does The Village Bank protect my ATM/Debit MasterCard® from fraud?
A. We employ a state of the art transaction monitoring system that keeps a constant lookout for unusual activity. Fraudulent transactions tend to follow a certain pattern. Our system can help guard against fraud as it’s happening.

Q. What should I think about before making an online purchase?
A. You should consider if the merchant is located outside the U.S. and whether or not the site you are accessing is legitimate. Please also keep in mind that you should never be asked to enter your PIN online.

Q. How are debit card purchases outside the U.S. handled?
A.  For security reasons, all debit card purchases outside the country are blocked. If you are having trouble making a purchase, please contact our Customer Care Center at (617) 969-4300 so we can unblock your card. 

Q. How many Village Bank ATMs are there?
A. The Village Bank has an ATM at each of our locations.

Q. Will I be charged a fee for using a non-Village Bank ATM?
A. The Village Bank will not charge you a fee to use any ATM, anywhere in the world. Please note that other financial institutions may assess a fee. As a Village Bank customer, you have access to thousands of Surcharge-free ATMs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, by using an ATM machine that has the SUM® or Presto! Logos.  For additional information please visit the SUM or Presto! website.

Q. What Networks are the Village Bank members of?
A. The Village Bank is a member of the following networks: Accel, MasterCard, NYCE, Cirrus, Plus, Visa, SUM, and Presto!.