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Bill Pay

Q. Is Bill Pay free?
A. Bill Payment is free for all of our checking accounts.

Q. How do I update or delete a Biller in Bill Payment?
A. On Bill Pay’s home page there is a small blue ribbon that runs across the top right of the screen. Select the “Manage My Bill” option and the biller you would like to change. From there you can set up an Automatic Payment, Email Reminders, Update Biller Information and Delete Biller.

Q. How do I move funds to account at another bank?
A. You can send fund two different ways through Bill Pay. You can set up a payee in Bill Pay and make a scheduled payment that will generally be sent via check. You can also use PopMoney to electronically deposit the funds in the other account. Click here to find out more about PopMoney. Fees do apply.

Q. How much history does Bill Pay hold?
A. Bill Pay stores an 18 month rolling history worth of payments and E-bills information.

Q. Why is there a Bill Pay Fee when I try to pay a bill on today’s date?
A. There are expedited delivery options for those people that need to pay their bill same day, to avoid being charged a late fee. If the company you are trying to pay offers same day payment for a fee you will see the fee. In order to not be charged fees simply choose a date 1-2 days later.

Q. What are E-Bills?
A. Instead of having a paper bill mailed to your address the biller will send an electronic bill directly to your Bill Pay. Once the E-Bill is received an email will be sent to you informing you the bill is now available. Click on the icon “Get Bill” next to the payee’s name to set up the service. You can also set bill reminders and auto payments to E-bills so when the bill comes in it is automatically paid!