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Q. Are my deposit accounts insured?
A. Yes, The Village Bank provides FDIC and SIF insurance for your deposits. The first $250,000 of your deposits is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The Share Insurance Fund (SIF) insures all deposits above that amount.

Q. What fees does The Village Bank charge?
A.Click for our personal fee schedule and our business fee schedule.

Q. What time do the branches open/close?
A. Please click here to see our branch hours and locations.

Q. Do you sell or redeem Savings Bonds?
A. Unfortunately we do not sell or redeem Savings Bonds. You may go to to order, redeem and see the current value of your bonds through this government web site.

Q. Do you have a notary public available at all branches?
A. As a service to our customers, we do have notary public services at each location. Please call ahead to our Customer Care Center at (617) 969-4300 for availability.

Q. Do you have Medallion Signature Guarantee service available at all branches?
A. As a service to our customers, we do have Medallion Signature Guarantee at each location.  The Medallion Signature Guarantee is limited to a $250,000 guarantee.

Q. When do the CD rates change?
A. Generally we publish new rates on Wednesday. They are, however, subject to change without notice.

Q. What is the Bank’s routing number?
A. The Village Bank’s routing number is 211371858.

Q. What is the SWIFT code for the bank?
A. The Village Bank does not have a SWIFT code. If funds are to be wired to your account from out of the country, please request that the originating bank send the funds to their corresponding bank in the United States, who will forward the wire to The Village Bank.

Q. Does the bank sell foreign currency?
A. You may order foreign currency from any branch. The funds will be shipped to the branch for pick up for a fee.   The Bank does not, however, exchange foreign currency for U.S. currency.  

Q. How do I change my address online?
A. In order for you to change your address on your accounts, we need to have your signature for security reasons.  You may log into Village Online Banking, and send a secure email with the request, we can use your login authentication as your digital signature.  You may print the change of address form and mail it to the Bank or drop it off at any of our branch locations as well.

Q. Do you offer Safe Deposit Boxes?
A. We have safe deposit boxes of various sizes at our Auburndale, Newtonville, Nonantum, and Wayland branch offices. Please call our Customer Care Center at 617-969-4300 to verify availability.

Q. How can I transfer funds to another person or bank?
A.  There are a few ways to transfer funds to another person.  You can come into a branch and set up a wire transfer to electronically send someone money at another bank.  You can also utilize Bill Pay.  Within Bill Pay you can either create a payee and have a check sent to them, or you can use PopMoney to transfer money to anyone in the U.S. as long as you know their email address or mobile phone number.