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Mobile Banking

Q.  Does the Village Bank have an app?
A. Yes. The Village Bank App is available for your iPhone or Android devices. You can download them by visiting Apple iTunes or Google Play. You may also have the link sent to your phone by logging into Village Online Banking, clicking User Options and Enrolling in Mobile Banking.

Q. Does The Village Bank have an iPad app?
A.  Yes, The Village Bank app is available for the iPad and Android Tablets.

Q. How do I set up a mobile device?
A. Once you are logged into Village Online Banking, click on User Options/Mobile. From there you  scroll to Mobile Banking Profile and click Enroll Now. It will then walk you through setting up your phone for mobile banking.

Q. What are my options for Mobile?
A.  When registering your phone, you can choose: Mobile Browser Banking, Text Banking, App or Alert Banking.

Q. What is the difference between Browser Banking, Text Banking, Application and Alert Banking?
A. Browser Banking (Mobile Web) will send you a link to the Mobile Web site that will let you login to Village Online Banking Using your existing credentials. Text Banking is enrolling your phone so you can send quick texts to a short code (48179) to receive balances or transaction history on your accounts. The Application is downloading an app to your smartphone that will allow you to login to Village Online Banking from your cell phone. Alert Banking is to give you the capability to send yourself texts for the alerts you set up through Village Online Banking.

Q.  With Text Message Banking it is asking me to create Nicknames for my accounts. Why do I need that?
A. By choosing a nickname it will allow you to text a command to get history on a specific account. For example, if you nicknamed your checking account “bills”, you can send a text of  “hist bills” and it would send you transactions on your checking account.