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Q. Where do I go to sign up for Village Online Banking?
A. In order to sign up for Village Online Banking please go to our main website:, select "Village Online Banking" from the dropdown menu located in the top right corner under "Access Your Accounts Online" and hit the "Go" button. Click on "Enroll Now" located under the Log In button and follow the instructions on the right to set up your account.

Q. Why am I asked to set up 3 security questions?
A. This is a one time set up process to establish your security credentials for Village Online Banking. The security questions are used if you are trying to access your accounts from a computer that is not recognized.

Q. I forgot my username/password for Village Online Banking. How can they be recovered?
A. If you remember your username, you can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login page. If you do not remember your username, for security purposes, we ask that you come into a branch with identification so we can look it up for you.

Q. Under transactions I see a “pending” transaction but it does not provide me with the balance. Why?
A. A pending transaction is a transaction you did today but has not arrived at the bank to clear your account yet. Because it is not really here yet there can’t be a balance associated with it, so that is why the balance says zero. The balance column is there is because it is viewed under today’s transactions and there are transactions that have cleared the bank in that section so the balance is presented for those.

Q. Why do I have to change my Village Online Banking password every 6 months?
A. We all hate passwords, especially having to change them however it is a security feature for all Village Bank customers. This requirement helps to safeguard your information and your funds. If someone was using your username and password without your knowledge, you’d have no idea. By changing it, you avoid having your password used without your knowledge.

Q.What happens if I don’t change my password before it expires?
A. If you don’t change your password at least once every six months, then your password will expire. After your password has expired, you will be prompted to change your password to gain access to Village Online Banking again. If you do not sign in at all for 6 months you will automatically become unenrolled.

Q. Why do I see two balances on my account? One says current balance and the other says available balance.
A. Your current balance is the actual balance in your account. The available balance is the current balance plus any credit you have available from your Village Reserve Account (if you have one) less funds not yet available for withdrawal; such as newly deposited checks, checks drawn on other banks cashed against your account with us, and purchases made with your debit card that have not yet posted to your account.

Q. Do you offer Quicken® or QuickBooks® with Village Online Banking?
A. With the Village Online Banking system, you can export your transactions from Village Online Banking and import them into Quicken or QuickBooks using a tool called Express Web Connect.