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Q. Does the bank sell foreign currency?
A. You may order foreign currency from any branch. The Bank does not, however, exchange foreign currency for U.S. currency.

Q. What are my ATM/debit card daily limits?
A. You are allowed $500.00 in cash withdrawals per cardholder, $1500.00 for PIN-based debit card transactions per cardholder, and $3,000.00 for signature-based debit card transactions per account per 24 hour period. If your account has more than one person on it and there is more than one debit card associated with the account, the $3,000.00 limit is shared among all cardholders.

Q. If I am on vacation and I cannot withdraw from an ATM what should I do?
A. There are three general reasons why a specific ATM may not be working for you. The ATM could be out of our network, you may have exceeded your 24 hour withdrawal limit of $400 or the ATM may have a lower dispensing limit, preventing you from getting the money. You should try another ATM that is in our network, or wait until the 24 hour limit is refreshed.

Q. What Networks are the Village Bank members of?
A. The Village Bank is a member of the following networks: Accel-Exchange, MasterCard, NYCE, Cirrus, Sum-Intercept, and Presto!.

Q. I am traveling out of the country; will my ATM/debit card work where I am going?
A. To help safeguard against unauthorized transactions, The Village Bank has blocked all debit card transactions generated from outside the United States. If your plans include travel out of the country, please call our Customer Care Center at (617) 969-4300, or visit one of our branches, so we can release your card, making sure it is available for your use while you are traveling. ATM transactions are permitted anywhere in the world.

Q. I am traveling inside the United States should I notify the bank?
A. Anytime you are traveling you should notify us even within the United States. The Village Bank employs a state of the art transaction monitoring system to protect our customers. Transactions outside your normal spending practice may be declined and even restrict your debit card in order to help prevent fraud. Notifying the bank of any travel will help prevent issues you may have while traveling.

Q. Why does The Village Bank “block” my transactions?
A. At The Village Bank, we employ a state of the art transaction monitoring system that keeps a constant lookout for unusual activity. Fraudulent transactions tend to follow a certain pattern. Our system can help guard against fraud as its happening. If you are having any issues with a purchase please call our Customer Care Center at (617) 969-4300.

Q. Will I be charged a fee for using a non-Village Bank ATM?
A. The Village Bank will not charge you a fee to use any other ATM, anywhere in the world. Please note that other financial institutions may assess a fee. You will not be charged any fees if you are using a bank located in the United States that has a SUM/Intercept or Presto! logo. Visit or to find a SUM/Intercept or Presto! ATM close to you.

Q. Is there a fee for using my card in a foreign country?
A. MasterCard charges a 1% currency conversions rate on any transaction that is not in U.S. dollars.

Q. Why does the bank need to update my personal contact information?
A. To ensure we can reach you should any potential fraud be detected, we need to be kept informed with all your current contact information. Home, business, cell phone and email address are all ways we try to contact you.

Q. I forgot to inform the bank I was traveling and I’m already there what do I do?
A. In order to release your card for purchases outside the country you or someone else who is on the account should call our Customer Care Center at (617)-969-4300. The process would only take a few minutes but for security reason we do need to talk to someone listed on the account to make the changes.

Q. I have lost my card what do I do?
A. Immediately call our Customer Care Center at (617)-969-4300 during business hours. If it is after our business hours please call (800)-554-8969.