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FAQs Village Online Banking Conversion, September 2013

Q. Will my Village Online Banking user ID remain the same?
A. Yes. Your Access ID is your User ID from the prior system however it must be entered as all lowercase letters. For example, if your user ID was LOlliPOP35, it will be updated on the new system to lollipop35.

Q. Will my Village Online Banking password change?
A. Yes. Your new password will be the last 5 digits of your social security number. Once you have signed on with this temporary password, you will be asked to change it to a new password of your choice. 

Q. Will I see my transaction history in my new Village Online Banking?
A. The new Village Online Banking transaction history provides your current statement and previous statement. An Extended History tab will be available with transactions starting in June 2013 and will accumulate over time resulting in a constant rolling 18 months of history.

Q. Will I be able to view images of my checks online?
A. Yes, check images will still be available.

Q. Will my Bill Pay change?
A. Yes. Your Bill Pay system will change but all of your established payees will remain the same. Unfortunately Bill Pay History did not convert over to the new system. We are looking into obtaining the last year of history to provide you.

Q. Will my online scheduled transfers between personal accounts continue?
A. Yes. Your scheduled transfers will carry over to the new system.

Q. Will I still have access to Mobile Banking and Text Message Banking on the new system?
A. Yes, however you will need to re-establish your connection with both systems. To sign up for Mobile and Text Message Banking, login to Village Online Banking and click “User Options/Mobile.”

Q. What is my Access ID?
A. Your Access ID is your old “Username” all lowercase. Please keep in mind if using an Apple product, that it may automatically capitalize the first letter.

Q. I am logging in for the first time on the new system. What is my Password to get into Village Online Banking?
A. Your password is the last 5 digits of your tax ID number.

Q. I am changing my password during my first login. What is my Current Password?  
A. The current password is the last 5 digits of your tax ID number.

Q. Are there any special rules in choosing a new Password?
A. For security purposes, your new password needs to be between 8-16 characters with at least one number.

Q. Why am I given a picture, then asked to create a passphrase and then 3 additional security questions?
A. This is a one- time occurrence to establish your security credentials for online banking. The picture and the created pass phrase will appear after you enter your Access ID each time you login to online banking. If it is not there, it means you are not securely at our site. The security questions are used if you use a computer that the system does not recognize. Those are used to make sure you are the person trying to access your accounts.

Q. What is a pass phrase? What do I put here?
A. This is a phrase that you create. The phrase is put under the image when you are logging in so you know that the page is genuine. If your image or passphrase appears and is not correct, you know that you are not at the true Village Bank site and should contact our Customer Care Center at (617) 969-4300.

Q. I do not like the picture I was given. Can I choose another one?
A.  Yes you can choose your own picture once you are logged into Village Online Banking. Click on User Options/Mobile and go to Change Security Data. From there you are able to choose from over 30,000 images.

Q. What browsers are supported with Village Online Banking?

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) for Windows version 7.0 or higher, including IE 8.0 and higher.
  • Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 or higher, version 3.0 or higher.
  • Opera version 9.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Camino version 1.0.3 or higher
  • Apple Safari version 1.2.1 or higher (Apple OSX only.  iPhone not supported)
  • Google Chrome, version 1.0 or higher

Q. Will my eBills carry over to the new system?
A. Unfortunately eBills and any automatic payments you may have set up through eBills were not able to be converted over. You can reestablish eBills for your payees on the new system. The automatic payment feature through eBills is not currently available on the new Bill Payment system.