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The Village Bank provides online financial literacy program to high schools

Joseph A. De Vito, president and CEO of The Village Bank, announced today that the Bank has partnered with EverFi –Financial Literacy™ to underwrite an interactive personal finance program for use by high schools located in Newton and Wayland, the primary communities served by the Bank.

The Village Bank Financial Scholars program is designed to enhance classroom learning and reinforce the principles of financial responsibility through EverFi’s digital modules. The new-media learning platform uses the latest technology – including video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars, and social networking – to bring complex financial concepts to life for today’s digital generation.

Standards-based topics in The Village Bank Financial Scholars program include credit scores, insurance, credit cards, taxes, savings and 401(k)s. The digital program has been introduced in four business classes at Newton South High School and two at Newton North, where it will also be added to the math curriculum in early December.

“The teachers involved in providing the Financial Scholars program are excited to have this new financial education tool,” said Susan M. Paley, vice president of community relations at The Village Bank.

“It is a flexible program that can be integrated in many different ways; students can use it in the classroom, at home, or in the library. It is designed to teach in a way that experts say today’s teens learn most effectively,” Paley added.

Upon successfully completing the Financial Scholars program curriculum under teachers’ guidance, students earn certification in financial capability. They also earn badges along the way for mastering key skills.

“This interactive program supports teachers in educating today’s students in critical financial skills they’ll need throughout their lifetime,” said De Vito. “The Village Bank is pleased to provide local students with this unique educational and life skills advantage, at no cost to the schools or the school system.”

The Village Bank Financial Scholars program has also been adopted by the Newton Public Schools’ Community Connections program and by teen clubs at the John M. Barry Boys & Girls Club.

EverFi’s K-12 and Higher Education technology in a variety of subject areas is in use in schools and colleges across the country.