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Beware of email phishing attack that could affect you

First, please be aware that The Village Bank DOES NOT use the services of DocuSign that are discussed in this alert. We are providing this information in case you have other financial relationships that DO use DocuSign services.

DocuSign was the victim of a recent data breach that resulted in phishing attacks circulated via email to customers of the impacted institutions or companies. More attacks are anticipated. Please note that the email subject line contains a reference to “Document Ready for Signature.” Recipients are instructed to open an attached Word document in order to provide the electronic signature referenced. Opening the Word document installs malware on the recipient’s device, giving the criminals involved complete access to the information on that device.

We urge you to use caution if you receive such a notice. Call the sender indicated on the email and verify its authenticity, no matter how real or harmless it may appear. If you have no reason to expect needing to provide an electronic signature, delete the email immediately.

Remember: Better safe than sorry.