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Debit Card Security Breach Guidance

In response to the media attention on Debit Card breaches for nationwide retailers, we wanted to supply you with our perspective.

Overall our industry has seen an increase in the number of merchant data breaches and the subsequent volume of Debit Card fraud nationwide and locally. These security incidents aren't all publicized in the media but we can assure you they have become commonplace.

In 2013, The Village Bank made significant investments in automated security systems to scan your Debit Card transactions to proactively look for potentially suspicious purchases that don't match your typical spending patterns; perhaps blocking those transactions in real-time if we feel it's prudent to do so. This is an effort to partner with you to protect your funds the best we can.

In order for this approach to be effective we need each customer to continue to periodically review their transaction history for accuracy. We also need the ability to better communicate with you via telephone if we detect potentially suspicious activity. Please take the time to confirm with us the best phone number to reach you. If you suspect any transaction on your account was not authorized by you please let us know and we will begin an investigation immediately.

We feel confident we are taking prudent steps to protect your accounts with us, however if at any time you feel the need to have us revoke and/or reissue your Debit Card based on suspicion it's been part of a merchant data breach, we'd be happy to do that for you.

If you have any other questions or concerns we can answer for you please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care Center at 617-969-4300.