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Home Depot Data Breach

Home Depot Data Breach

 In light of the recent reports of a data breach at Home Depot(Home Depot Corporate Website) we wanted to remind our customers to remember to check all transactions on all of your debit and credit cards, whether with The Village Bank or another financial institution.  
The Village Bank has a state of the art transaction monitoring system that scores each transaction made with your debit card against your normal spending habits.   Transactions that fall out of your normal transaction habits are scored higher and are reported to the Bank for review.  The Village Bank does reach out to any customers who have transactions on this report using the contact information we have on file.   Transactions that score at a certain threshold or higher generally indicate there is a higher risk of fraud.  These high scoring transactions may be declined.   
If you find that you have fraudulent transactions on your Village Bank accounts, please contact us at 617-969-4300 to report it immediately.    Any customers who have been potentially exposed by this recent breach have been notified.  If you have received notification and would like to receive a new card, we would be happy to order you a new one, upon request.