Electronic Delivery Consent Agreement


To be sent certain documents electronically, rather than through U.S. mail, you must review and consent to this Electronic Delivery Consent Agreement (Consent Agreement). You should read through this entire Consent Agreement carefully before consenting. By completing the Consent Agreement, you agree to permit The Village Bank (“The Bank”) to provide disclosures and notices to you in electronic form, instead of providing such notices and disclosures in written form. By your consent, you specifically (i) acknowledge, as part of your acceptance of the terms of this Consent Agreement, that certain of the documents to be delivered electronically will contain information regarding your personal financial matters (Personal Financial Information) and (ii) consent to the delivery of such Personal Financial Information by the electronic means specified in this Agreement. If you do not elect to receive electronic delivery, you will continue to be sent documents via U.S. mail. By accessing this document, you are demonstrating your ability to access electronic communications in this format prior to consent.

Your consent is effective until:

  • Further notice by The Village Bank;
  • Revocation by you, or;
  • Revocation by The Village Bank as a result of non-delivery.


The terms “we,” “us” and “The Bank” refer to The Village Bank, with whom you have your account(s).
The terms “you” and “your” refer to you the account owner(s), whether singular or plural, who: (1) is an individual that is the owner of an account at The Bank or (2) is an individual authorized by an account owner or a party-in-interest to view account information or effect transactions in an account.

Scope of Communications to be provided in Electronic Form

By consenting to this Consent Agreement, you agree that we may provide you with any communications in electronic form and that we may discontinue sending paper communications to you, unless you withdraw your consent as provided in this Consent Agreement. Your consent to receive electronic communications includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • All legal and regulatory disclosures and communications associated with the account(s) or the
    product(s) and service(s);
  • Notices or disclosures about a change in the terms or features of your account(s);
  • Privacy policies and notices;
  • Monthly (or other periodic) billing or account statements for your account(s);
  • Tax forms and related disclosures.

Other Federal and State laws and regulations (“laws”) may be enacted or amended in the future to provide for electronic delivery. Your election also authorizes us, at our discretion, to provide electronic delivery of such statements and notices pursuant to these laws after they become effective.

Method of Providing Communications to You in Electronic Form

The Village Bank or its designee will notify you by email or other electronic means (including, but not limited to, alerts or other messaging on Village-Bank.com or to mobile devices, such as cell phones and PDAs) when a document eligible for electronic delivery is available. It is your responsibility to ensure that The Village Bank has your current and valid email address and to notify the Bank if you change your email address. The Bank shall not be liable for any third party fees, legal liability or any other issues or liabilities arising from notices sent to an invalid or inactive email address that you have provided.

Please contact us as noted in the “Communications between the Bank and You” section to report any problem with electronic delivery of any document type, to receive information about how to request a paper copy of any electronic document, or if you have any questions about our electronic delivery offering.

Periodic Statements

By enrolling to receive eStatements, you will not receive a separate printed and mailed statement.

Your eStatement will be dated the day of the e-mail notifying you of the availability of your eStatement (the “E-mail Date”). You must promptly access/review your eStatement and any accompanying items and notify us in writing within the applicable time period specified in your Account Agreement and Disclosure of any error, unauthorized signature, lack of signature, alteration or other irregularity. If you allow someone else to access/review your statement, you are still fully responsible to access/review the statement for any errors, unauthorized signatures, lack of signatures, alterations, or other irregularities. Any applicable time periods within which you must notify us of any errors on your account statement(s) shall begin on the E-mail Date regardless of when you receive and/or open the eStatement.

If you need to obtain a printed copy of a statement that has not been mailed to you because you have enrolled to receive eStatements instead, please contact us as noted in the “Communications between the Bank and You” section. You may be charged a fee for this service. Please see our current Schedule of Fees for details.

How to Withdraw Consent

You may withdraw your consent to receive Communications in electronic form, if it is not required by your account type. You agree to notify the Bank in person, via telephone, or via U.S. Mail. Our telephone number and postal mail address are listed below in the section entitled “Communications between the Bank and You”.


You understand the importance of your role in preventing misuse of your accounts and you agree to promptly examine your eStatements for each of your Village Bank accounts as soon as you receive/access it. You agree to protect the confidentiality of your account and account number, and your user ID and password. You understand that your user ID and password by itself or together with information related to your account, may allow unauthorized access to your account. Data transferred via eStatements is not encrypted. You acknowledge that the Internet is inherently insecure and that all data transfers, including electronic mail, occur openly on the Internet and potentially can be monitored and read by others. We cannot and do not warrant that all data transfers utilizing the Internet, or e-mail transmitted to and from us, will not be monitored or read by others.

Your logon password is confidential information that should be known only by you. The Village Bank will not, for any reason, ask for your logon password. If anyone contacts you and requests this information, contact us immediately. You are responsible for keeping your logon password confidential.

Communications between the Bank and You

Unless this Consent Agreement provides otherwise, you can communicate with us in any one of the following ways:

Telephone: 617-969-4300
Facsimile: 617-467-6076
Postal Mail:
The Village Bank
320 Needham Street, Suite 200
Newton, MA 02464

Hardware and Software Requirements

To access, download, and print communications, you need to have a personal computer or mobile device with Internet and email access. You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please go to http://www.adobe.com.

If you do not have the ability to access and retain PDF documents, do not consent to electronic delivery.

Updated: 3/2023

Electronic Delivery Consent Agreement

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