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At the Village Bank, our top priority is protecting your personal information. Take a moment to learn about different ways criminals may be after your personal information and how to protect yourself.

Debit Card Fraud

Debit card fraud takes many forms. Sometimes a debit card is stolen. Other times fraudsters demand victims’ debit card number by claiming an unexpected transaction went through or that a refund will clear. Fraudsters also claim to be the bank asking for the card number to activate a security feature. In some cases a compromise occurs at a store or merchant and affects a large number of debit cards at once. In each case the result is the same— a compromised card and unauthorized charges on your account.

Here are some signs debit card fraud has or is about to occur:

  • Unexpected calls, emails or texts requesting your debit card number for payments or refunds
  • Skimmers, glue or other obstructions on ATM or card reader
  • Suspicious requests for payment from online marketplaces for goods that have not been received
  • Transactions you do not recognize on your account statement

Keep in mind that the only person who should have access to your debit card is yourself. If a company calls, texts or emails you demanding your card information, hang up immediately. Also keep in mind that no reputable institution will ever ask for your PIN, and you should never give your PIN out for any reason.

Protect yourself from debit card fraud:

  • Never give your PIN to anyone
  • Check account activity to identify fraudulent activity early
  • Do not write your PIN on your debit card or keep it in your wallet
  • Do not give your debit card number to someone you do not know
  • Contact companies through verified methods
  • Add alerts for debit card purchases in your online banking profile

If you believe your debit card has been compromised, contact The Village Bank immediately at (617) 969-4300.

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Debit Card Fraud

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or online banking profile to anyone. End the contact immediately and call The Village Bank at (617) 969-4300. Thank you.
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